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Ma3an campaign in Zahle

As the Lebanese economic crisis deepens, Ma3an campaign continues to provide those in need with helpful supplies that are becoming increasingly more difficult to procure. In its latest intervention, Ma3an distributed 110 boxes to 110 families in need in the region of Zahle. Each box contained a thermometer, a face mask,

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Food boxes and hygiene kits distribution in Akkar

As socio-economic and instability consistently increases in Lebanon, progressively making living conditions worse for all social classes, RMF maintains its focus on standing next to the Lebanese people.Last week, RMF distributed thousands of food portions and hygiene kits among the citizens of Akkar as part of the second phase of

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COVID19 snake and ladder game by RMF

RMF distributed games for kids to raise awareness about COVID19 in April. The “snake and ladder” game was made by the protection team under RMF to keep children socially interacted and engaged. This game aims to teach kids about the history of this virus and how to protect themselves.

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Distribution of Sanitary Kits

We began the distribution of sanitary kits and awareness games among vulnerable communities locked in quarantine to assist their efforts against the COVID19 pandemic. The kits contained sanitizers, soap, shampoo and all necessary materials to maintain proper hygiene. All these products that were once slightly expensive, became nearly impossible to

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