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An Awareness Campaign to Help Prevent Against COVID-19 in Tripoli, North Lebanon

A group of students benefiting from the UNICEF funded project “Supporting vulnerable girls
and boys with learning, soft and hard skills and employability programs in the North” led an
awareness campaign about COVID-19 in collaboration with Tripoli Municipality, in Beb al
Tebbeneh. The number of daily COVID-19 cases registered in Beb al Tebbeneh has increased
dramatically in recent days.
The students distributed masks and flyers to the shop owners and residents of the area.
The students did a remarkable mission in raising awareness and explaining the precautions that
owners should take in their shops to stop spreading the virus. They promoted preventive
measures like frequent hand washing and wearing masks.
“During the awareness campaign, we realized that we need to take the coronavirus seriously’’, a
shop owner stated.
RMF team members and students expressed: “We strongly communicated to Beb al Tebbeneh
residents to stop shaking hands, kissing, and hugging for their own safety and the safety of their
family members and the wider community to fight the spread of the global pandemic’’.
Together we shall prevail.


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