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Un Cuore Si Scioglie donated 25 thousand Euros for psychosocial support

The Foundation Un cuore si Scioglie allocated 25 thousand euros for the René Moawad Foundation to provide psychosocial support to traumatized children and families, as well as educational help to students who had to drop out of school after Beirut explosion.
The foundation announced that during a press conference in solidarity with the Lebanese population. An impressive message was broadcasted during the conference from Rene Moawad Moawad Foundation which marked the partnership with Un cuore si Scioglie and ARCI, along with the humanitarian interventions towards the affected communities of Beirut.
The Foundation Un cuore si Scioglie was established in 2010 with the commitment of the Unicoop Firenze member sections to stand by people in need, which for years had been carrying out solidarity and fundraising initiatives.
ARCI International was established in 1957 in Florence as an organization for the defense and development of people’s homes and recreational clubs.


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