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Energy Assistance France and Rene Moawad Foundation visiting the damaged hospitals and schools in Beirut

Rene Moawad Foundation and Energy Assistance France visited Karantina public Hospital and Ecole Notre Dame de Nazareth in Achrafieh to detect the damages of Beirut blast.
During the tour, needs were identified at the destroyed Assameh Birth and Beyond Pediatric Unit in Karantina Hospital which treats premature babies and new born who require critical care. The new building needs more than two million and half dollars to be functional next year. Energy Assistance France has proposed to install a photovoltaic power plant to save electricity.
On the other side, Nazareth school is facing the challenge to fund the restoration of the damaged classrooms before the beginning of the new scholar year. The students won’t be able to attend their classes before securing the building and restoring the shattered glasses of doors and windows.
Energy Assistance France (EAF) is a French Non-Profit association created in 2005. It belongs to a network with EA Belgium, EA Monaco and EA Italy. Its members are employees or retired employees of ENGIE Group. Its mission consists in providing access to energy to people who have a limited access or no access at all to essential energetic services on all continents. It carries out electrification projects by photovoltaic installations in three areas: Health, Education and local Economic Growth by encouraging income generating activities. EAF also responds after major events (natural disasters, accidents) to restore access to energy.


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