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Food boxes and hygiene kits distribution in Akkar

As socio-economic and instability consistently increases in Lebanon, progressively making living conditions worse for all social classes, RMF maintains its focus on standing next to the Lebanese people.Last week, RMF distributed thousands of food portions and hygiene kits among the citizens of Akkar as part of the second phase of its intervention. This was done in coordination with 7 local municipalities (Debbebiyah, Beyt Younes, Bazbina, Al Bourj, Mash’a, Al Ouyoun, Al Ghazila), and with the cooperation of 6 local NGOs (Nadi al Salam, Kon Sadiki, Jannat Al Mahabba, Inma’ Kora Akkar, Nisa’ Zouk Alhabalisa, Aydamoun Co-op). RMF Ma3an serves a profound purpose alleviating the burden of the most vulnerable communities , with over 50% of our population under the line of poverty.Now more than ever, our country needs your help. We are counting on all the donors across the world and in Lebanon to continue their support to save lives and the livelihood .



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