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Ma3an campaign in Zahle

As the Lebanese economic crisis deepens, Ma3an campaign continues to provide those in need with helpful supplies that are becoming increasingly more difficult to procure. In its latest intervention, Ma3an distributed 110 boxes to 110 families in need in the region of Zahle. Each box contained a thermometer, a face mask, a pack of Panadol (paracetamol), a bar of soap, 3L of surface disinfectants, 1L of hand sanitizers, as well as a variety of pulses, beans, grains, and food products, setting each box’s value at around 84$. Ma3an campaign’s collective humanitarian effort is only expected to become more important moving forward considering that the Lebanese crisis is not showing any signs of regression. Those willing to assist the movement can do so by contacting and donating to René Moawad Foundation. Our togetherness is our greatest asset.


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